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 The new front for IPI Group

Dear All,

In our extraordinary Senior Leadership Team’s Meeting IPI Group Limited , our company nominated me to function as Chief Marketing Officer for the Group, in addition to my statutory role as the CEO.

The roles are highly demanding & thus I will devote much of my time to it.

In lieu of that, therefore, I will be on self-suspension from all political talks. I will adopt what is called “a principled neutrality” on all issues that have a political undertone, except of course where it is necessary to do so, given the prevailing circumstances.

IPI Group Limited , A company with Technology & Food as its primary focus has a suite of solutions that will enable organizations and individuals to remain productive, especially with the current lock-down, A new normal of not just connecting with but work from any location you are.

We further believe that the boundary between work & play is bridged and that tech platforms should not just make you get social and play, but also work and earn a living therefrom.

This is in line with our inherent optimism that “What gives you joy should give you livelihood”

Our corporate Philosophy at IPI Group Limited is “Quality Beget Quality”.

Our inherent optimism about the future of humanity put us at work to build tech platforms that will give our partners/customers both Fun, Fame and Fortune.

This over the years have been our mission

Additionally, we believe that creating a market ecosystem for people to connect/interact while at the same time buy, sell, both products & services with originality & competency respectively will eliminate the need for infrastructure for people to a business & also formalize them.

While working on expanding our bakery chain & communicating the tech platforms to a global audience, my time and focus will be on the use of the most effective strategy to deliver my job and bring about a successful tenure.

I thank you very much for your support thus far.